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Famous Quote: "People think of pigs and corn when they think of Iowa. We've called the new album Iowa because we want people to know it's about being fucked-up and enraged and wanting to kill people as well."

About - He is the lead vocalist with the "Leatherface" mask and dreads. The dreads are made out of his own hair that he enlaced with string. The mask itself comes from a crash test dummy. He says that the band members are not hiding behind their masks, and that the masks are more of an extension of their personalities and reveals a lot about them. He was working in a porn shop before joining the band and used to be the lead vocalist for a band called Stone Sour.

The Facts:
E-mail: corey@slipknot1.com
- Before Slipknot wore overalls, He wore a preist outfit.
- Has a few nicknames, some of which are The Sickness and Faith
- The reason he made sewed on the dreads is because he was geting pissed from pulling it through the tiny holes in the mask and was also developing a scalp infection
- Has been believed that his mask represents a scarecrow
- If you look close enough there's a nipple on his new IOWA mask, which is suppose to be old skin thats been cut up and sewn together
- Corey's favorite Horror, Action, Comedy, Romantic comedy, and Porno

  • Corey on Horror movies: "The original Halloween, just for the fuckin' impact it had, and because there's a sceane in there that literally scared the piss out of me. Jamie Lee Curtis is finding all the bodies in the house, and she's leaning against that door, and all of a sudden Michael Myers just comes out of the darkness. That, to me, was just fucking amazing. And that's what I try to do with this band I try to be that fucking guy!"

  • Action: "I really love the whole Indiana Jones saga. It's just amazing; even the third one, because it's so campy at the end. Either that or The Mummy ; I just saw the sequel, The Mummy Returns, and it's just as good."

  • Comedy: "Those Friday movies Ice Cube did mae me fucking laugh 'til I piss, dude! John Witherspoon is so fucking funny! And Happy Gilmore is a fucking funny movie, dude. I like a lot of the movies Adam Sandler does, though some are funnier than others. I only saw Little Nicky and I laughed my ass off."

  • Romantic comedy: "Have you ever seen You've Got Mail? I love the chemistry between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. They really like each other on the Internet, but they hate each other in real life, and they have no idea that one is the other. It's a great dichotomy, and you're sitting there the whole time, waiting to see what happens. It's fucking awesome, man!"

  • Porno: "Oh Jesus, I've got fucking stacks of porn. My favorite porno, story-line wise, would have to be this movie called Nylon. It came out a while ago, and it stars Celeste. Steven St. Croix has got this obsession with nylon, and it's so cheese, but all the sex is just fucking amazing! Also pretty much anything that Jenna Jameson is in really makes me squirt."

    Stone Sour is the old band that Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor & guitarist James Root once thought was their band that would lead them to fame before they both joined Slipknot around 1998-1999. Now just recently the duo have decided to re-join the band and start playing music again with them.

    Understand this: Taylor and Root have removed their masks for Stone Sour - it's that they weren't wearing them in the first place.

    - Instrument: Shure SM58 mics.