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Famous Quote: "Anyone who wants to make the Ross Robinson comparison needs to fucking listen to it themselves, before they talk. Because I hear a lot of that "Ross Robinson turned these guys into Korn", well listen to the fucking CD."

About - Mick is said to be the lead guitarist for Slipknot and stands at 6'2". He has many different variation of a hockey mask, which is suppose to be like Jason in Friday the 13th. He likes cats and began playing in bands at age 16 and got his first show at 19. Some influences are Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles.

The Facts:
E-mail: number7@slipknot1.com
- He says he is a night person
- It is believed that previous Slipknot member Grouch was Mick in a different mask
- He is a fan of serial killers
- Wore a Little Bo Peep outfit before Slipknot wore their jumpsuits
- Still teaches guitar lessons in Iowa at the Ye olde Guitar Shoppe, like he did before
- James Root(4) is taller than Mick with James standing at 6'6" and Mick at 6'2", even though it appears Mick is taller
- He prefers to wear his old masks instead of his new IOWA mask

- Other Bands:
- From 1993 to 1995, he played in Body Pit
  • Mick Thompson - Guitar (Slipknot)
  • Donnie Steele (original Slipknot guitarist)
  • Danny Spain - Drums (Deadfront)
  • Paul Gray - Bass (Slipknot)
  • Anders - Vocals (Slipknot - MFKR)

    - Anders on Mick, "Avid fisherman. He & I went fishing together several times. Not as mean as he looks, by any means. He's a good guy, although he has a fascination with Serial Killers. Although he didn't record any of MFKR he is still pictured on the album." - Anders

    - Guitars:
  • Custom B.C. Rich Warlock with "HATE"(4th to 2nd fret) and "MICK"(12th fret) inlays
  • Jackson Custom King V
  • Jackson DR3 Dinky Reverse
  • Ibanez RG470 (Mainly played 1998-2000, rarely used live)
    - Amps:
  • Mesa Boogie Simulclass 2:90 power amp
  • Marshall JMP1 Tube Preamp
  • 400 watt Carvin 4X12 Speaker Cabinet (Top and bottom)
    - Effects:
  • BOSS GX 700 Effects Processor
  • BOSS GT-3 Multi-Effects Pedal
    - Accessories:
  • EMG 81 Dual Humbucker Pickups
  • Dunlop Jazz III pick