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Famous Quote: "I hate it when journalists say, "Are you like Gwar, ICP or Kiss?" It's like, SHUT THE FUCK UP. It's like yeah, we're exactly like all of them. Yeah, right."

About - Along with fellow bass player Paul Gray, Shawn and him are the founders of Slipknot. He's married to his wife Chantal and have three kids. He wears a clown mask, which his new IOWA mask has really evolved since his first one. He use to be a welder before piecing together Slipknot, he is also into art such as Picasso and Cezanne. Shawn's drums are made out of Titanium, the same material the NASA space shuttle is made of. His musical influences are KISS and Motley Crue. In almost every show he gets hurt in one way or another, and is a on-stage rivalry with Sid Wilson(0). Shawn has been quoted on saying "brutality balances you out".

The Facts:
E-mail: shawn@slipknot1.com
- Him and Chris Fehn(3) are the two percussionist of Slipknot
- He welded his own drums, along with some of Chris's drums
- Does a lot of interviews for Slipknot
- Use to run and maintain slipknot2.com
- He has fractured his knuckles, split a collarbone, suffered slipped vertebrae, bruised his pelvic bone, dislocated a shoulder, gotten a concussion, partially severed a finger, and smashed his head often enough to require 22 stitches during performances.
- Him and Sid are called the craziest members of Slipknot
- Will sometimes chat with fans on AIM, but hasn't done it lately
- His new IOWA clown mask by far is the most satanic and eolved mask from their old ones
- Nicknamed his old mask "Dude"
- Oldest member of Slipknot at age 30
- He says that the masks are extensions of their personalities
- Shawn belives that every member is important to the sound of Slipknot
- Really cares about his fans

- History of his mask:
When Slipknot was first started he bought a mask one day on the clearance counter of a store. He was the first member in the group to wear a mask. He wore it to practice one day and they thought it was bad ass as a cause of that they all started wearing masks to rehearsal. Shawn was actually the first member of the band to wear a jumpsuit. Before they all wore uniform outfits, Shawn wore white coveralls with paint splattered on them.

- Instruments:
  • Drums are made from Titianium (space shuttle material)
  • 2 mounted toms
  • 1 floor tom
  • 1 bass drum turned on it's side
  • 1 empty steel beer keg