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Famous Quote: "Sometimes, when we are working our way up to the stage, we'll shove our way through the crowd. When people see me coming, they mostly get out of the way. But sometimes they don't..."

About - AKA 133mHz He originally joined the band as a guitarist. Craig said that when the band is making their way on stage that they sometimes have to push through the crowd but for some reason people move out of the way for him. He is a very quiet person on and off stage as represented by his zipper being closed on his new IOWA mask. Craig possibly could truly be the craziest member of Slipknot. It's like the old MFKR song... "Killers are quiet".

The Facts:
E-mail: 133@slipknot1.com
- Him and his wife maintain slipknot1.com, but that may not be true anymore
- Craig is married
- He feels isolated and independent
- Pretty much made the opening track, 742617000027 to their self-titled album
- He leaves shows early to maintain his anonymity
- He is really into PC games, and his screen name when playing Quake 3 Arena on-line is ZZ 5, and has his own "Slipknot member" skin, so it looks like him when he plays
- He prefers to remain anonymous and to not take part in interviews
- He gets most of his samples from movies. In (sic), he got the "here comes the pain" part from the movie Carlito's Way
- His new IOWA mask is almost the same as his old except instead of a diver's helmet, it's a black leather kind of material. With nails sticking out of them just like his old mask
- Craig didn't record MFKR, the samples were put together by old 'Knot member Anders and producer Sean Mcmahon after MFKR was recorded

- Instruments:
  • Yamaha controller
  • Yamaha PSR 720
  • Roland JP8000
  • AKAI MPC2000XL sampler
  • Nord Lead Synth or a Yamaha Crsx-7 for 74126000027