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Famous Quote: "Sometimes you can have a nightmare about music, right? You know? I've had all kinds of weird nightmares. I mean everything from you know, being a World War II fighter pilot to just having a burning head turn around telling me that I'm going to burn in hell, you know what I mean?"

About - The newest member of the current 'Knot and tallest member standing at 6'6". When he first joined the band, the other guys forced him to wear a bondage mask wore by the old slipknot guitarist and was extremely uncomfortable and stinky. He says being in the band has made him more crazy and hyper, and that he use to be calm. He use to be in the bands Atomic Opera and Dead Front with Corey Taylor(8).

The Facts:
E-mail: james@slipknot1.com
- Wears a new shiny metallic court jester/demon mask almost like his first one
- He is also called Jim, and has had the nickname The Peach
- He is taller than fellow guitarist Mick Thompson(7) with James standing at 6'6" and Mick at 6'2"
- His real hair color is brown
- He thinks that Craig Jones(5) is the craziest member of the band, and admits to sometimes be afraid of him
- James use to be in a band called "Stone Sour" with Corey, but not sure how long he was in the band

Stone Sour is the old band that Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor & guitarist James Root once thought was their band that would lead them to fame before they both joined Slipknot around 1998-1999. Now just recently the duo have decided to re-join the band and start playing music again with them.

Understand this: Taylor and Root have removed their masks for Stone Sour - it's that they weren't wearing them in the first place.

- Guitars:
  • Jackson SLP
  • Jackson DR-3 Dinky Reverse
  • Jackson SL2 Soloist
  • Jackson with "ROOT" inlays(12th to 9th fret) not sure what model it is

    - Amps:
  • Mesa Boogie DC10 Head
  • Carvin 4X12 Speaker Cabs (top and bottom)

    - Effects:
  • Dunlop RotoVibe
  • Digitech Whammy Pedal
  • Voodoo Lab GCX Guitar Audio Switcher
  • Voodoo Lab Ground Control for GCX

    - Accessories:
  • EMG 81 Dual Humbucker Pickups