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Famous Quote: "Joey is our drummer and he is number one. Bass and drums are the backbone of the music; so that's how I got number two, I guess. For me, it's good. I like being number two. I can't complain, you know."

About - He is the co-founder along with Shawn Crahan(6) of Slipknot. Paul is 28, and says that the we wear our masks in interviews just to freak people out. He was born in Hollywood and once had a job mixing up concrete. Paul was also in bands Anal Blast and Body Pit.

The Facts:
E-mail: paul@slipknot1.com
- He burned a picture of Korn posing for Calvin Klein in Teen People on-stage
- As co-founder of Slipknot he was one of the original of Slipknot
- He was born in Los Angeles, California unlike the rest of the band were born in Des Moines, Iowa, and moved there when he was young
- Paul thinks that Fred Durst is an idiot like the rest of the band, and should shut his mouth before he gets hurt
- He's half black
- His new IOWA mask is probably the most changed than other members with it being a pure black mask with his mouth being covered, like before it reflects his indulgent personality  (he also has a mask made of Steel for the P.O.A. tour)

- Instruments:
  • Warwick Corvette Bass
  • Carvan Eden WT Head
  • Ampeg 8X10 Cab