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Famous Quote: "We just want to make as many enemies as possible. We're here just to piss people off with whatever we can find."

About - At age 25 he helps write most of the Slipknot songs. He says some of his musical influences include anything from Slayer to The police to Cannibal Corpse. He prefers to wear his old Japanese Kabuki mask. He is believed to be the first to refer to his bandmates as maggots. Joey was also in a band with Craig Jones(5) called Modifious. He is the shortest member of the 'Knot and is known by his black long hair with red streaks.

The Facts:
E-mail: joey@slipknot1.com
- His real name is Nathan Jonas Jordison, but is always called Joey
- He is the most talkative member of the band
- He was one of the original members of Slipknot, and drummed for MFKR
- He mixed the self-titled album
- He is said to have an obsession with Fiona Apple
- Joey got the nickname "Superball" after one show that Slipknot played horrible in, so he got mad and started "bouncing around the room"
- He cuts the arm and leg sleeves of his jumpsuit so he can more freely drum
- His new IOWA mask is a Japanese Kabuki except it looks like blood dripping from it, but still prefers to wear his old mask
Unlike his role in Slipknot Joey plays guitar and helps write songs for the once band called 'The Rejects', but after some time underwent some re-organization... now they are the Murderdolls and signed to Slipknot's label, RoadRunner Records

- Instruments : Old setup

  • Drums:
    - Pearl Masters Custom Color: Piano Black
    - Orange County Custom Color: Metallic Pearl
    - Orange County Custom Color: Dark Blue
  • Cymbals:
    - Zildijan cymbals. 6" ZIL-BEL
    - 19" Z Custom Crash
    - 17" Avedis Rock Crash
    - 20" Avedis Rock Ride
    - 8" Avedis Splash
    - 16" Sabian AA Chinese. Used to be 16" Avedis China Boy Low.
    - 14" Avedis Rock Hi-Hats Brilliant
  • Hardware:
    - Gibraltar GPR-550 Tube Rack System with GPR-150 extensions
    - Tama Iron Cobra HP900PTW Power Glide Double Bass Pedal with rubber beaters
    - Tama Iron Cobra HH805 Velo Glide Hi-Hat Stand
    - Pearl and/or Tama Stands.
  • Drumheads:
    - Bass Drum Batter: Remo PowerStroke 3
    - Bass Drum Resonant: Remo PowerStroke 3 Ebony
    - Tom Batter and Resonant: Evans Genera G1
    - Snare Drum Batter: Remo Weatherking Ambassador Coated
  • Sticks:
    - Easton Ahead 5B Drumsticks

    - Instruments : New setup
  • Drums:
    - OCDP (Acrylic or Maple)
    - 7x8 Rack Tom
    - 8x10 Rack Tom
    - 9x12 Rack Tom
    - 14x14 Floor Tom (On His Left Side)
    - 16x16 Floor Tom
    - 18x18 Floor Tom
    - 20x22 Bass Drums
    - 7x12 30-Ply Snare Drum
  • Cymbals:
    - Paiste Rude 14" Crash/Ride
    - Paiste Rude 14" Hi-Hats
    - Paiste Rude 16" Crash/Ride
    - Paiste Rude 18" Crash/Ride
    - Paiste Rude 10" Splash (Inverted)
    - Paiste Rude 20" Power Ride
    - Paiste Rude 20" China
    - Paiste Rude 20" Ride/Crash
  • Hardware:
    - Tama Rack and Stands
    - Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Pedals (Tensioned Very High)
  • Accesories/Heads:
    - Easton AHEAD Sticks
    - Remo Heads

    Credit : Modern Drummer